Immunization tourism? There are already Argentines who travel to Miami and are vaccinated against the coronavirus

There are Argentines who are in Miami and could have applied some of the vaccines (Pfizer or Moderna) against coronavirus. There are also those who already have a turn and those who, from our country, have taken it out and are about to travel and stay there for at least 21 days to apply the two required doses. It is free and you do not need to be a resident, just be 65 or older and have not received any other vaccinations in the past 14 days. Is vaccination tourism coming?

In December in the United States, they began to vaccinate essential personnel and for risk groups, but since January 1 in the state of Florida it was reported that those over 65 years of age, no need to have US nationality or residency, they had the endorsement to give themselves the injection.

Clear, you have to get a turn online, a complex mission but not impossible, especially considering that there are 500 places per day. Since this possibility was enabled, the telephone lines are saturated and long lines are made to get an appointment. It is worth noting that many older people live in the state, attracted by its subtropical climate. 20% of its population is over 65 years old. The mass vaccination program began with the inoculation of music producer Emilio Estefan, 67, and Miami Dolphins legend Nat Moore, 69.

Nat Moore (69), legend of the Miami Dolphins and Emilio Estefan (65), music producer, received the vaccine. Photo: AFP

As he could find out Clarion, a dozen Argentines already have turns and tickets to travel to Miami during the month of January. “I have three business friends, very low profile, fearful and self-centered, who decided to go to the United States to get vaccinated because they distrust the Russian vaccine and the populist government, which they describe as the most serious virus in Argentina, “says Pablo, an entrepreneur from San Juan who prefers not to give his last name.

Another case accessed by this medium is that of president of an insurance company who is traveling on the weekend to the United States to get the Pfizer vaccine, repeating the steps of a colleague of his who successfully did the same a few days ago. “This is not illegal, not at all, you just have to have money. Of course, nobody wants to make it public, it is a private matter, like the one that takes money to another country. It is not discussed because the reaction of the other generates fear.”

The popular lawyer Ana Rosenfeld, who has been in Miami since December 10, where he went to meet his grandson Ralph, born in March 2020, speaks “a gift from heaven my daughter Stefi gave me“To refer to the vaccine that was applied on Saturday, January 2,” a turn that my daughter managed to patiently get me, this is not from one moment to the next; no, you have to be, persevere, insist, until she got for me and my husband Marcelo “.

Ana Rosenfeld.  The lawyer was vaccinated on January 2 in Miami.

Ana Rosenfeld. The lawyer was vaccinated on January 2 in Miami.

With enthusiasm and some relief Rosenfeld, who declares himself provaccine, tells Clarion what “how I had to travel 500 kilometers, from Miami City to a small town near TampaWe went the day before, on January 1st to avoid any kind of inconvenience. We were aware that there are many precautions in the vaccination, a rigorous protocol, and we did not want to rush “, describes the media lawyer.

The needle was huge and it hurt, but it hurt like any vaccine can.“, she says smiling when referring to Moderna, whose second dose will be applied on January 28.” Everything worked perfectly, we had to draw five posts in which in each one you have to show the email with which the turn was confirmed of vaccination, show that you did not apply any other in the last two weeks and prove that you are 65 years old or over, as it happened to me, that since they did not believe that I was 66 I had to present my passport, “he lists emphasizing the strong military custody.

Rosenfeld was the first Argentine citizen, over 65, to be vaccinated in the United States. “The whole process lasted half an hour and was done in a parking lot. I did not get out of the car, I did not even put my arm out the window, a doctor came who with a lot of skill was kind and expeditious. The truth is that he was a great gift from my daughter and I always recommend vaccination, whoever can take the turn and travel, do it, it’s a great opportunity. “

The lawyer wants to make it clear that “If I had been in Argentina and had been able to, I would have applied whatever vaccine, the Russian, or whatever, but it cannot be done, because today I am not part of the essential or risk group. I spoke with my pulmonologist at the German Hospital, where I treat myself, and she told me that they gave that institution 40 doses of Sputnik V and they let her know that she is in a third line of priorities, that is, maybe they won’t even vaccinate her ” .

Rosenfeld says that last March his daughter Estefanía, almost nine months pregnant, began to feel ill, with fever, cough, loss of smell and taste, symptoms that doctors, at the time, did not know well what they were. “We in Argentina had the information that came from Europe, but not from the United States, which at first the Trump administration minimized,” he details.

“Luckily they detected that it was Covid and they delivered her two weeks earlier. She was the first person in the United States to give birth being covid positive. Since then my daughter was very marked by the issue of contagion and that concern led her to insist so much until she got the precious shifts. “

Yanina Latorre with her family.  Your mom will get vaccinated too.

Yanina Latorre with her family. Your mom will get vaccinated too.

Something similar is experiencing Yanina Latorre, who traveled to Miami with her children and her mother Dora and while there she learned about the possibility of being able to take her 80-year-old mother to be vaccinated and did not hesitate. Entered an online page and for two hours he was trying to register and he succeeded: On Thursday, in Opa-Locka, about 30 kilometers from where she is, her mother received the vaccine and Yanina immediately showed them where she moves best: on social networks.

Exultant, Yanina attended Clarion and still can’t believe it. “They gave him the vaccine Pfizer and I took her vaccinated to Argentina without paying a penny, “the popular panelist points out. At the end of the month they would give her the second dose, so the return, scheduled for January 23, will be postponed a week.

Dora, Yanina Latorre's mother, has a turn to get vaccinated this Friday.

Dora, Yanina Latorre’s mother, has a turn to get vaccinated this Friday.

After finding out through a friend living in the United States that anyone over 65 was being vaccinated “I started to try and I stayed a lot of time, but It was worth the insistence, because I want to take care of my old woman and I don’t even bother with the Russian one, It seems to me that in Argentina there is a terrible political negotiation and I am not interested … I do not care about the bitches they send me, I do mine “, he says, faithful to his self-confidence.

Tower she assured that many of her friends “are already trying to get a turn to bring their parents here to Miami and get vaccinated and I bank them, of course, if everything works well here. Although they liquidate me in the networks, they know that everything slips me, I tell the truth and here in Miami people respect the rules, there are few people on the beach, distancing and the use of chinstraps are complied with and everything is I think my mother is much safer than in Argentina, where everything is chaos“.



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