Immunologist Parshina spoke about the dangers of prophylactic vitamin D intake

Passion for taking vitamin D for prophylactic purposes can be dangerous: an excess leads to an increase in calcium levels and severe intoxication. About this how informs “AiF”, said the head of the department of allergology and immunology of the Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences Evgenia Parshina. According to the specialist, each person may need to take a different amount of vitamin D, which may differ by an order of magnitude.

As the specialist emphasized, it is necessary to strive to obtain vitamins through a balanced diet and resort to pharmaceutical forms only if there is a pronounced deficiency.

Also, the immunologist denied the opinion that freezing or heat treatment completely kills vitamins. For example, frozen or cooked fruits and vegetables retain from 5 to 50% of vitamins. But repeated freezing or heating of food leads to the fact that their number tends to zero.

In addition, Parshina dispelled two more common beliefs – that pregnant women need more vitamins and that taking vitamins can compensate for the effects of harmful vaccinations. In particular, the specialist explained that a woman carrying a child should consume the same amount of vitamins as she had previously.

“Pregnant women take vitamins in the same way as other people: only with a proven deficiency. It should always be remembered that with hypervitaminosis, intoxication develops, which carries the risks of developing a pathological process in a pregnant woman and in a child, ”warns Evgenia Parshina.

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