Impeachment: Mike Pence delays, Nancy Pelosi overrides

Mike Pence et Donald Trump

The impeachment of Donald Trump through the 25th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States was under debate this Tuesday, January 12 in the United States Senate. Mike Pence ultimately decided to prioritize “the interest of the American nation” in order to avoid creating a precedent linked to “jurisprudence”, according to his response to Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats at representatives room.

With less than a week to go through Trump’s term in office and Joe Biden’s inauguration, Nancy Pelosi, the tough Democratic leader in the House of Representatives, has not once again been asked to seize the ball rebounding after Mike Pence refused to invoke the 25e amendment to introduce a new impeachment motion. At the end of the vote in the lower house, Nancy Pelosia was able to gather the votes necessary for the opening of a new procedure of “impeachment” of Donald Trump, thanks to the support of ten elected Republicans who made it possible to bring together 232 votes in favor of dismissal, against 197 votes. This new impeachment procedure for Donald Trump is a strong signal that definitively seals hopes for the return of Trumpism in four years, a violent, divisive and deadly ideology.

Even if the timing does not lend itself enough to the holding of a trial as clarified by Micth McConnel, leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, and that it will take the rallying of two-thirds of the scents to pronounce the dismissal of the president, in particular of at least 67 elected Republicans to dismiss the president, and that it will be necessary to wait until after January 20 for the holding of a trial, Nancy Pelosi who knew it very well, wanted to play the card of political disgrace final of Donald Trump before the end of his term. She once again sent Donald Trump into the closets of history and definitively “complete” the billionaire’s political career.

Mike Pence favors “the interest of the Nation”

In the end, the impeachment of Donald Trump would not have been such a bad deal for the Republican Party. In reality, Mike Pence who had the possibility of impeaching him by invoking the 25th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States for “incapacity” had all the cards of the political future of the Republican Party in hand and had everything to gain there. personal plan. He had the choice to continue to distance himself from Donald Trump while remaining passive in order to avoid frustrating the popular base of the outgoing president, who will undoubtedly be decisive in the next electoral terms.

The second option open to him was to fire Donald Trump and free the American right from its populist grip by a leader who rides the waves of extreme right-wing groups like QAnon or the small group. armed Oath Keepers who particularly distinguished himself during the assault on the Capitol. By taking back the leadership to bring the American right back to its fundamentals and possibly to benefit politically from it in four years during the presidential election of 2024.

Finally, by refraining from invoking the 25th Amendment, Mike Pence preferred to play the “appeasement” card given the context of division within American society, according to his approach. If the act of the American vice-president is considered somewhere beneficial in order to promote political relaxation and a peaceful alternation, it should above all be noted that politically he missed an unexpected opportunity to assert his leadership by taking the lead for bring the Republican Party back to its traditional bases. Because nothing can resist Trumpism, not even the American democratic model, let alone the Republican Party, totally fractured.

By doing so, Mike Pence misses a big political opportunity that would have allowed him to position himself and possibly assert himself as a credible alternative for Republicans, divided, weakened, losing ground and stuck for four years in an electoral populism. dangerous, promoted by a president who maintains mistrust vis-à-vis American institutions and whose culmination and culmination are the events of the Capitol.

It must be said that an impeachment of President Trump would have sounded like a deliverance for the Republicans in order to free themselves from the hold of the billionaire. Evidenced by the words of the leader of the former Republican majority in the Senate, the influential and strategist Mitch McConnel who clearly indicated that the impeachment of the outgoing president would make it easier for the Republican party to “get rid of” him once and for all. Donald Trump who came to power in 2016 after the surprise defeat of Hillary Clinton with his seductive slogan of “Make America Great again” has on the contrary failed to restore America to its full glory. Despite his few economic successes, he left having weakened the American democratic model, exhibited its flaws while abusing the leadership of the United States around the world.

Donald Trump has definitively returned through the back door of history as the only president in the political history of the United States to be subjected twice to an “impeachment” procedure during his mandate. Escaping the first, through an acquittal thanks to the majority of his party in the Senate which united around him. The second impeachment procedure initiated by the Democrats, because of the unprecedented murderous attack on the capitol of which he is considered to be the instigator, and which has just been initiated with a possible trial scheduled after the inauguration of Joe Biden will be the ultimate humiliation for Trump and assure him certain political death.

Despite having distanced himself from Trump, Mike Pence, who wanted to temporize Trump’s final disgrace by granting him a reprieve, ultimately did not prevent Democrat Nancy Pelosi thanks to the support of the Democrats and a dozen Republicans from sanctioning the outgoing president.

The murderous assault on the capitol by supporters of Trump ended up completing the disgrace of an outgoing president, isolated, abandoned on all sides by his own camp even by his closest faithful like his vice-president Mike Pence or by those who protected him for the cause of the Republican Party despite their differences, like the leader of the now former Republican majority in the Senate, the influential Mitch McConnel.

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