“Implementing Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics: Mobilizing and Deploying Theme Education in Procuratorate of Tibet Autonomous Region”

2023-04-21 06:04:20

2023-04-21 14:04:20
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Liu Yujing, all-media reporter of the Rule of Law Daily

Recently, the Procuratorate of the Tibet Autonomous Region held a mobilization and deployment meeting on the theme of learning and implementing Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and mobilized and deployed the theme education of the district procuratorate. Xia Keqin, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Chief Procurator of the Procuratorate of the Autonomous Region, made a mobilization speech, and Chen Fanyan, leader of the Fourth Tour Guidance Group for Thematic Education of the District Party Committee, attended the meeting to guide and speak.

Xia Keqin pointed out that it is necessary to deeply understand the great significance, and effectively enhance the ideological consciousness, political consciousness, and action consciousness of carrying out thematic education. At the critical moment when the construction of a strong country and the beginning of national rejuvenation started, the Party Central Committee decided to carry out thematic education, which is timely and far-reaching.General Secretary Xi JinpingThe important speech at the theme education work conference profoundly expounded the significance and goal requirements of carrying out theme education, made a comprehensive deployment of the work of theme education, and provided a fundamental follow for the whole party to carry out theme education.It is necessary to effectively unify thoughts and actions with the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, and unify them intoGeneral Secretary Xi JinpingThe important instructions on the theme education have come up, and we have a deep understanding of the great significance of carrying out the theme education to unify the thinking of the whole party, solve outstanding problems within the party, always maintain the flesh and blood relationship between the party and the people, and promote the development of the party and the country. Recognizing that carrying out the theme education is the fundamental requirement for the procuratorial organs of the new era and new journey to strengthen their theoretical arms, firmly defend the “two establishments” and resolutely achieve the “two maintenances”. Serving the people’s justice and focusing on the fundamental requirements of guaranteeing the “four major events” and “four creations” are the fundamental requirements for promoting comprehensive and strict supervision and solving the problems of impure thinking, impure organization, and impure work style of the procuratorial team. Effectively strengthen the ideological consciousness, political consciousness, and action consciousness of promoting the theme education of procuratorial organs.

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Xia Keqin emphasized that it is necessary to comprehensively and accurately grasp and implement the target requirements to ensure that learning can be used to build the soul, learn to increase wisdom, use learning to correct the style, and use learning to promote performance. Accurately grasp the general requirements of “learning ideology, strengthening party spirit, emphasizing practice, and making new achievements”, comprehensively study and understand and deeply grasp the basic viewpoints and scientific system of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics A series of requirements such as improving the ideological realm and strengthening party spirit, and consciously practicing this idea are used to solve the contradictions and problems in the procuratorial work serving the overall situation, promoting development, and serving the people in justice, and constantly improving the ability and ability to actively perform procuratorial duties in accordance with the law. level. Accurately grasp the fundamental tasks and specific goals, concentrate on forging the soul to build a solid foundation, continuously improve ideological awareness, effectively build a solid foundation of belief, replenish the calcium of the spirit, and stabilize the rudder of the mind; temper character and strengthen loyalty, always on major political principles Take a clear-cut stand, stand firm, be consistent in appearance and inside, act resolutely, and consciously put the absolute leadership of the party throughout all aspects of the procuratorial work; take responsibility to promote development, and firmly grasp the “big country”, “the most important person in the district” and “the hopeful person of the people” “Heaviest responsibilities” consciously shoulder the heavier responsibilities and missions entrusted to the procuratorial organs by the new era and new journey; practice the purpose to benefit the people, continue to protect food and drug safety, support prosecution, judicial assistance, and judicial protection of the rights and interests of the elderly, weak, women, children, and disabled Wait for the procuratorate to do things for the people, and strive to let the people feel fairness and justice in every judicial case; establish a new style of honesty and public service, continue to improve the style of work and implement it, so as to achieve fair justice, law-based supervision, procuratorate for the people, and integrity and self-discipline. Accurately grasp the key measures, carry out theoretical study throughout, highlight the study of leading cadres at or above the county level, improve theoretical literacy, strengthen ideals and beliefs, sublimate the realm of consciousness, and enhance capabilities through deep study and careful practice; Always, members of the team should take the initiative to claim the research topic, dive down, sink to the front line, grasp the real situation, public sentiment, and check the situation, use the party’s innovative theory to study new situations and solve new problems; promote development throughout, and carry out in-depth education on the theme Combined with the promotion of procuratorial work, the high-quality development of procuratorial work itself serves the high-quality development of the economy and society; inspection and rectification throughout, adhere to the combination of classified rectification and centralized rectification, and constantly study, compare, inspect, and rectify Improve the ability and level of procuratorial work; establish rules and regulations throughout, establish and improve systems and mechanisms such as studying and implementing the party’s innovative theory, strengthening and improving investigation and research, regular and long-term inspection and rectification, serving the people and doing practical things, and style construction.

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Xia Keqin requested that organization and leadership be strengthened, and the theme education of district procuratorates be done well with a high sense of responsibility and mission. To tighten compaction responsibilities, the party group of the academy takes the initiative to shoulder the main responsibility, the secretary of the party group implements the responsibility of the first person in charge, and other team members must conscientiously perform “one post with two responsibilities”, and earnestly plan, organize, and implement the theme education . It is necessary to actively accept supervision and guidance, strictly implement the work requirements of the fourth tour steering group of the district party committee’s theme education, report the development of theme education in a timely manner, and actively cooperate with the work of the steering group. It is necessary to pay attention to overall planning, combine the development of theme education with maintaining the overall social stability of Tibet, serving the high-quality economic and social development, and combining the promotion of procuratorial work to strengthen its own construction, so as to achieve two-handed and two-promotion. It is necessary to strengthen publicity and guidance, adhere to the correct political direction, grasp the correct orientation of public opinion, thoroughly publicize the progress and effectiveness of theme education, and create a good atmosphere for learning and public opinion. It is necessary to improve the style of work and pay close attention to implementation, promote party members and cadres to establish a correct view of power, political achievements, and career, tell the truth, be pragmatic, and seek practical results.

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Chen Fanyan pointed out that in-depth education on the theme of Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era is a powerful measure to promote the implementation of the Party’s 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and a major deployment of the new great project of party building in the new era.General Secretary Xi JinpingAttaching great importance to it, he personally made a comprehensive deployment of the theme education, which pointed out the way forward and provided fundamental guidance for us to carry out the theme education well. The first batch of themed education has tight schedules, heavy tasks, and high requirements. It must be implemented from five aspects: strengthening ideological understanding, grasping overall requirements, focusing on fundamental tasks, focusing on specific goals, and clarifying work measures. Comprehensively strengthen guidance throughout the process and supervise key points Objects, key measures, key requirements, correct deviations in a timely manner, ensure that the theme education is not deformed or out of shape, and jointly promote the theme education to be strict and practical and achieve practical results.

Editor: Liang Jing

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