Imposing inquiry and withdrawal fees from ATMs in all banks from next July

Banks operating in the local market began notifying customers with the end of the Central Bank of Egypt’s initiative to inquire via Automated teller machines And cancellation of withdrawal fees, starting from the end of the current month, by SMS when making withdrawals and inquiries from the machines.

According to what is followed by the banks, a fee of between 3 to 10 pounds will be imposed for withdrawals and 1.5 for inquiries about each transaction, according to each bank, starting from the 1st of next July.

We monitor for you the details of bank withdrawals, in the following report

1- Bank of Egypt feesرسوم

The fees for balance inquiry are one pound, and the fees for one withdrawal transaction are 6 pounds.

2- Alex Bank fees

The balance inquiry fee is 3 pounds, and the fees for one withdrawal transaction are 10 pounds.

3- Faisal Islamic Bank fees

The balance is inquired with an amount of 3 pounds, and a withdrawal commission of 5 pounds.

4- Arab African International Fees

The fee for a single withdrawal transaction is 8 pounds, and the balance inquiry fee is 3 pounds.

5- HSBC Bank Fee

And he pays 10 pounds during the withdrawal from the bank, and without fees to inquire about the balance.

6- Fees of the National Bank of Egypt

The balance inquiry fee is EGP 1.5, and the fee for a single withdrawal transaction is EGP 5.

7- Emirates NBD fees

Withdrawal fee is 6 EGP, balance inquiry fee is 2 EGP.

The start of the initiative

The initiative to abolish bank fees came into effect in June 2020, for a period of 6 months, as part of the package of precautionary measures necessary to address the outbreak of the new Corona pandemic, before the Central Bank supplied them, at the end of last December, for a period of 6 months, ending next June.

It is worth noting that the imposition of fees for inquiries and withdrawals is limited only to a customer of one bank using an ATM machine of another bank, and these commissions are deducted directly when a customer uses ATMs in other banks.

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