Impressive image leaves gas pipeline fire in the Gulf of Mexico

An impressive image was recorded from a helicopter that this Friday 2 flew over the fire in a gas pipeline of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) in the Gulf of Mexico. It is an accident that started at the bottom of the sea, on the southeastern coast of that country.

According to Biobío, the company reported that “the incident was dealt with immediately, when the security protocols were activated and with the accompaniment of boats.” This gas leak occurred in a 12-inch pipeline with “presence of fire in the sea”, 150 meters from the KU-C platform.

The state oil company proceeded “to close the interconnection valves, which caused the extinction of the fire and the release of gas.” In this way, the leak was considered controlled at 10:45 am, more than five hours after its detection. In its statement, Pemex reported that “normal operating conditions” were restored. There are no injured.

In any case, Greenpeace considered that the impressive image of the accident reflects the risks posed by the energy model based on fossil fuels. “As part of the fossil fuel extractivist model, these are the risks we face on a daily basis. They call for a change in the energy model now, ”said Gustavo Ampugnani, executive director of Greenpeace Mexico.


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