Improving Immunity Through Acupuncture: Tips for Preventing Frequent Illness

2023-06-05 07:39:49

The hot summer is hot, the sun is shining, and everything grows, even bacteria and viruses are extremely active. If one is not careful, it is easy to be provoked by external infections, and Dona is one of them.

Dona is a sick child. Whenever the seasons change or when the temperature varies greatly, she is particularly prone to catch a cold, or she will get sick if she is slightly overworked, or if she does not have enough clothes.

Since she was very sick, Dona also went to the hospital for a physical examination, but the report showed that there was nothing wrong with her, so she never took it seriously, thinking that it might be because of her weak foundation. But this time the cough caused by a cold not only caused her to lose her voice, but also her ribs were extremely painful, which affected her breathing and sleep, so she had to face up to her physical problems.

Dona was accompanied by her mother to see a doctor. Dona’s mother said: “If you are often sick, you need to improve your immunity. This is a sign of insufficient immunity. I have told her to take good care of her body, but she always ignores me and prefers to continue to suffer from illness. , is now so sick that it is not human-like, and I don’t know how long it will take to recover this time!”

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Not to be outdone, Dona retorted: “People who are often sick have strong immunity, because the immune system catches the virus invasion in time, so they get sick, and people who are often sick are not prone to cancer. I have done detailed The physical examination is not too bad, maybe it’s just that many people have caught a cold recently, it seems that there is always one nearby, so unfortunately I was infected, in fact, my physical condition should not be too bad, right?”

Dona’s mother asked nervously, “Is this true? Actually, from your point of view, do you often get sick because you have a strong immune system? Or a weak immune system?”

I replied: “Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes that righteousness should be kept within, and evil should not be interfered with. It means: the viscera and qi and blood of the body are strong enough, and when there is enough righteousness, external evils cannot invade. On the contrary, if the righteousness is insufficient, external evils (bacteria, viruses) will easily take advantage of it.” Therefore, frequent illness is a manifestation of weak immunity. From the perspective of modern medicine, the immune system is composed of three parts: immune organs, immune cells and immune active tissues. It is a self-defense mechanism that can identify and eliminate Any foreign matter that invades from outside, such as viruses, bacteria, etc.; can also help deal with aging, damage, death, degeneration of own cells, and the ability to recognize and deal with mutant cells and virus-infected cells in the body.

To put it simply, immunity is like an army, defending our health. In most cases, frequent illness is a sign of low immunity. In other words, people who get sick often have weaker immune systems than the general population. “

Dona said, “It’s not because of a strong immune system that you often get sick. Why do some people who never catch a cold suddenly get seriously ill?”

I replied: “This is because an occasional cold can help mobilize immune cells to fight against the virus. The immune system can accurately attack the next virus attack, and the chance of getting another cold will decrease. Some people with weak immune systems cannot accurately fight against the enemy.” Army (external evil), the chance of getting sick seems to be less on the surface, but in fact bacteria or viruses have already hidden in the host body, so sometimes you feel inexplicably tired or powerless.

However, some people who often catch a cold and have a fever often indicate poor immune function, and the risk of some major diseases in this group of people will also increase. For example, some people who often suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort or constipation usually indicate poor gastrointestinal function and a greater chance of suffering from chronic gastrointestinal diseases. Some people who basically don’t get sick in their lives just show that they have good immunity. “

Dona’s mother asked nervously, “Then how can you help her recuperate? So that she doesn’t have to suffer so much anymore.”

I replied, “Acupuncture.

  acupuncture:Fengchi, Feishu, Zusanli, Yongquan and other acupoints are treated with the method of tonifying and reducing, accompanied by moxibustion. The needles are kept for 20 minutes, once every other day, seven times a course of treatment. “

Dona continued: “So now the cold, rib pain and loss of voice?”

I replied, “Take care of it together.”

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