Improving Infant Food Accumulation: Diet and Chinese Medicine Treatment

2023-06-19 01:59:30

Many parents find that their children have a poor appetite, have difficulty defecating, distended stomachs, restless sleep, etc., and may suffer from “infant food accumulation”. According to a registered Chinese medicine doctor, children who develop food accumulation usually have six major symptoms: heavy breath, thick tongue coating, poor stool or fart, abdominal fullness, tossing and turning in sleep, or awakening. Parents can start to improve it by adjusting diet, including bland, Avoid gas-producing food, raw and cold foods, and snacks, and require children to exercise appropriately. Chinese medicine can also be used for conditioning and massage treatment, but if it lasts for more than 3 days, you should consult a registered Chinese medicine practitioner to prescribe the right medicine.

Registered Chinese Physician Ling Yaping

Ling Yaping, a registered Chinese medicine practitioner of Nethersole Social Health Service of the Christian United Nethersole, pointed out that food accumulation in children can be observed from various manifestations. The first symptom of food accumulation in children is usually a problem with breath, mainly due to sour and bad breath, especially when waking up in the morning or It is most obvious after waking up; loss of appetite and anorexia may also occur. Ling Yaping pointed out that the spleen governs the movement and transformation of food, and it is the main organ for food digestion and absorption. However, because the function of the spleen is not fully developed in children, and sometimes they do not control their diet, or improper feeding, it will lead to the accumulation of milk and food, which is difficult to digest , and even loss of appetite, or even anorexia. Ling also pointed out that children who accumulate food may have abnormal stools. When the food is rotten and not melted, the movement is blocked, the stagnation turns into heat for a long time, the water is lost, or the stool is not smooth or has constipation, usually farts and foul smell Case.

Poor spleen and stomach function or restless sleep

Ling pointed out that other symptoms include fullness in the abdomen of children, which is caused by food accumulation or the blockage of the spleen and stomach. Parents can judge by touching the child’s stomach; and children with symptoms of food accumulation may not sleep well, because Chinese medicine believes that ” Stomach disharmony leads to restless sleep”, which means that people with poor spleen and stomach function often have unsteady sleep performance. Children with food accumulation are prone to tossing and turning, night crying, and waking up when sleeping; parents can also observe the spleen and stomach through the child’s tongue coating Digestive function, when there is food accumulation, children often have thick or greasy fur.

When the above situation occurs, Dr. Ling believes that it can be improved from 4 aspects. First of all, parents can adjust their diet first. If the children in the family need to be fed, they should eat regularly and quantitatively, and avoid overeating. Parents can choose easy-to-digest foods and do not overfeed. In terms of food selection, reasonable arrangements should also be made to ensure the diversity of food. It is not suitable to eat food that produces more gas Foods, such as potatoes, beans, and high-fat foods; also avoid raw, cold, spicy, and greasy foods. .

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If the symptoms of food accumulation are obvious, a light diet should be improved

And when children have obvious symptoms of food accumulation, they should improve with a light diet, eat less meat and other indigestible foods, and eat a light diet for a few days to reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract; children should also eat less snacks, too many snacks will affect appetite. At the same time, we should insist on proper exercise to dredge the meridians, promote gastrointestinal activities and help digestion.

In addition, it can also be adjusted with medicines. Dr. Ling pointed out that children with mild symptoms can choose Chinese herbal medicines such as hawthorn, divine comedy, malt, glutinous rice buds, and gallinacea, decocted in water instead of taking them, so as to invigorate the spleen and appetize, digest food and resolve accumulation. If the condition is severe or persists for more than 3 days and has not improved, a registered Chinese medicine practitioner should be consulted. In addition, you can also start with massage. Pediatric massage is an external treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine. It has the functions of reconciling qi and blood and dredging meridians.

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