IMSS advances payment to pensioners


Starting Tuesday, June 30, 3.8 million pensioners of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) They may collect their financial benefit for the month of July.

In order to avoid crowds and reduce risks of contagion of covid-19, the IMSS urged the pensioner population over 60 years of age not to go to bank windows and ATMs on the same day of payment.

Therefore, Social Security made the following recommendations:

-Charge the days following the payment date and follow the sanitary protocols carried out by banking institutions.

-As an option, resources can be withdrawn in self-service stores authorized by bank branches.

-Make use of online banking services for the payment of goods and services.


For the pensioner population with loans on account of the pension, it was reported that in July 2020 the benefit of suspension of discounts for those loans granted by the Institute or return of the same for credits granted by a financial institution in agreement with the IMSS.

It is important to clarify that said benefit does not apply to those loans that pensioners acquired directly with financial entities without an agreement with the IMSS, self-service stores or other establishments.

Social Security made available to pensioners or their families the toll-free number 800 623 2323 (option 3) corresponding to “Pensioners” to answer their questions and provide guidance on these support measures for the family economy and to face the health situation that you live in the country.

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