In 2021, the iPhone may no longer have any ports

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Zlata Tikhaya. Sputnik France

Apple’s next smartphone would not have ports, reveals on his YouTube blog Jon Prosser, “informed” discloser of Apple’s plans. Not ignoring the difficulties of such a transition, he points out many advantages.

Until now, iPhones had to be content with limited induction charging. However, according to leaker Jon Prosser, the next smartphone will be launched without any port. He specifies on his YouTube channel that the iPhone 13 will not load only using MagSafe wireless technology.

According to the youtubeur, the advantages of such a novelty are not lacking: a high degree of protection against humidity, a finally reduced number of components or a smaller smartphone size thanks to the elimination of ports.

A difficult transition

However, Prosser does not say that all models of the next iPhone will abandon the ports. He’s only talking about one of the top-end iPhone 13 models.

The blogger further indicated that this transformation will not be easy as the new MagSafe charger does not yet operate safely and stably.

In the long run, Prosser believes, users will get used to it and can save money on the purchase of charging cables.


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