“In 2030 there will be the first settlements on the moon”

Düsseldorf Space travel and the launch vehicles of the Munich start-up Isar Aerospace were already a topic at Handelsblatt Disrupt last week. This week, Insa Thiele-Eich is a guest on the podcast Handelsblatt Disrupt, possibly the first German female astronaut in space: around 900 people have now been in space, 240 of them flew to the international space station ISS.

But there were just 29 women among them, most of them American and Russian. So you can say: space travel has a man’s problem.

Thiele-Eich is not sent by the European Space Agency ESA, but by the crowdfunding initiative “Die Astronautin”. The meteorologist reports why she was interested in space even as a little girl, what training looks like – and why so few women still go on space missions even though they are biologically better suited.

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