In a package: Austrian Airlines sells three Boeing 767s to the USA

The Austrian national airline has found a buyer for its three oldest Boeing 767s. He is based in the USA and is primarily targeting the engines of the Austrian Airlines jets.

They are the Methusalems in the Austrian Airlines fleet. When the Boeing 767 with the license plates OE-LAT, OE-LAX and OE-LAW were built, Franz Vranitzky was still Chancellor of Austria, Niki Lauda was just setting up his Lauda Air and the Austria Wien football club was facing a hat trick as Austrian champions . That’s why the Lufthansa subsidiary decided some time ago to phase out its oldest aircraft.

The OE-LAT was chosen as the first machine to be decommissioned. It will leave Vienna at the beginning of March for Pinal Airpark in the US state of Arizona. The OE-LAX and finally the OE-LAW will follow by autumn. They were all sold to the same buyer: the American monocoque Diversified Interests is taking over the three Boeing 767-300 ERs. Austrian Airlines announced this on Friday (February 26).

Specialized in engines

Monocoque specializes in used engines. These are whipped up and then sold again. According to the Austin, Texas-based company, they are concentrating on engines that are currently in great demand. What happens to the aircraft itself is open. Either they are converted into freighters or spare parts donors.

The remaining three Boeing 767s from AUA are between 20 and 22 years old, making them a lot younger. After the sale, the Austrians’ long-haul fleet comprises only nine jets: six Boeing 777-200s with 308 seats each and the three Boeing 767-300 ERs with 211 seats each. In connection with the State aid has committed Lufthansa and AUA to continue long-haul connections to be offered from Vienna.

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AUA only has 60 aircraft left at the end

The number of short and medium-haul aircraft will also be reduced by 25. This means that the fleet will still consist of around 60 aircraft at the beginning of 2022. That is a reduction of almost a third. Since mainly smaller aircraft are being retired, the capacity reduction is only around 20 percent.

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