In Afghanistan, “twenty years of violence and a bleak future”

When the last Western troops left Afghanistan, which had fallen back into the grip of the Taliban, the British newspaper The Independent deplores the uncertain future facing the Afghan people.

“The bitter end of the war”, title in one The Independent the day after the last American soldiers left Afghanistan. To mark the event, the London daily invited his war reporter, Kim Sengupta, to share his thoughts on these “Twenty years of violence”.

I have covered the most recent Afghan war since its inception, and have seen with my own eyes the types of atrocities that once again seem to be the fate of the country. Indeed, witnessing the fall of Kabul and then the desperate situation of refugees trying to flee the Taliban in recent weeks made me realize that for many Afghans the nightmare has already begun. ”

2001, rebirth and hope

For him, thetwentieth anniversary of September 11 will be marked by the humiliating defeat of the United States, the United Kingdom and their allies but also by “Growing darkness for the Afghans who see the hard-won victories of the past two decades fading away, as they face a grim future”.

According to Sengupta, who lived through the chaotic final days of the evacuation, the situation is all the more trying for all – “Humanitarian workers, soldiers, journalists, diplomats” – who had attended the “renaissance” from the country :

The end of the Taliban regime [en 2001] was a time of great hope. The suffocating gray of Islamist rule has been replaced by color and light. There was music, stores opened, flashing posters appeared, women threw off their hijabs. Girls’ schools and language schools have sprung up, modern subjects have been introduced in colleges and universities.

A “Bitter end” underlined by the latest American blunder in Afghanistan, the drone strike this Sunday in Kabul, which killed at least ten civilians, including six children. “The violence and resentment that marked America’s longest war continues to the end.”


Founded in 1986, The Independent is one of the headlines of the British quality press. It is also the first general daily newspaper to become a 100% online newspaper. During the Thatcher era, the team made the bet of


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