In Aix-en-Provence, the LRM MP competes with her deputy for the municipal

LRM MP Anne-Laurence Petel, at the National Assembly, February 14, 2018. Vincent Isore / IP3

Priority target of La République en Marche (LRM) in municipal elections in Bouches-du-Rhône, will Aix-en-Provence escape the presidential movement because of divisions? The second city of the department has been solidly held since 2001 by the thundering mayor Les Républicains (LR) Maryse Joissains, who is standing for election despite an ineligibility that she disputes. His appeal was to be examined this Wednesday, February 19 by the Court of Cassation. In front of her, four candidates, all current or former members of LRM.

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Aix, university city and historic legal center, appreciates the ideas of Emmanuel Macron and shows it in the polls: 26.4% in the first round of the presidential election of 2017, 29.1% in the European elections of 2019 (compared to 22.4% nationwide) and more than 35% in the first round of the legislative elections for candidates dubbed by LRM.

“Aix is ​​cut for LRM and the center right. This city likes moderation, achievable projects, realistic goals, peaceful relationships … There is also, in the spirit of the times, the fact that the clan who runs the city is out of breath “, lists MP Anne-Laurence Petel, 50, elected against a LR candidate in 2017. “But our good results have only whetted appetites”, She laments.

“Harmful divisions”

In her local campaign in the heart of the elegant old center of Aix, the candidate invested in late July 2019 by LRM for the municipalities hardly hides her annoyance. “I only focus on my application”, is she trying to convince, after having recognized, at the time of her designation, “Harmful divisions”.

Facing the parliamentarian, three other candidates close to the majority: the deputy MoDem member of the presidential majority of the territory, Mohamed Laqhila, with whom she has “Abandoned all hope of alliance, because he made this election a personal issue”; a former En Marche! committee manager, municipal councilor Charlotte de Busschère; but also and above all his own substitute, Dominique Sassoon.

Resigned from LRM in September 2019, this 69-year-old surgeon, just retired, carries the Mieux vivre à Aix list, under the banner of Europe Ecologie-Les Verts. “A real surprise. I hadn’t noticed this ecological fiber in him until then “, slides Mme Petel. Between the member and her – always – deputy, the atmosphere is fresh. “In two years, we talked for sixty minutes”, assures the doctor.

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