In an immersive meeting, Mélenchon projects himself towards “the new frontiers of humanity”

“Showing our vision in wide angle”: Jean-Luc Mélenchon projected himself on Sunday towards space, digital technology and the sea, “the new frontiers of humanity”, hoping to make “a coup” with a “immersive and olfactory” meeting in Nantes which is launching its last sprint towards the presidential election.

“It’s the blue planet!” exclaimed the tribune, pointing to one of the four 50-meter-wide walls visually projecting the 3,500 activists present at ExpoNantes into space. LFI also claimed 1,500 other people following, from an outside screen, the meeting with guaranteed visual effects but with the olfactory dimension remaining discreet.

“It is seen from space that we better understand everything there is to do on Earth, thousands of applications in your phone depend on space, GPS, weather, cartography”, argued the Insoumis.

For him, the Ariane program gives serious advantages to France: “The French can openly enroll in this new page in the history of humanity”.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon urged his supporters to the “political battle for the decommodification, the disarmament of space: it must remain a place of peace”.

– “Horizontally” –

After the “vertical”, “now we are going to go horizontally from the digital canvas”, then launched the tribune, while the visual table representing printed circuits was spread out on the screens.

Independence policy on internet cables laid under the oceans, artificial intelligence of which “we must not be afraid”, machines which must finally “relieve the pain of human beings”: the Insoumis affirmed that France must reclaim the Technical progress.

Thus, the time saved thanks to the machines will help, according to him, to guarantee retirement at 60 and the reduction of up to 32 hours of working time.

“And now the most beautiful, the depth, the one that occupies 70% of the planet: the sea!” exclaimed Mr. Mélenchon when approaching the last visual tableau.

“Look at its power, its strength, this is the exit door from nuclear power because it contains 66 times the power we need, with the movement of the tides and the currents”, professed the one who visited the first offshore wind turbine on Friday. of Pornichet (Loire-Atlantique) and advocates geothermal energy.

“Nuclear, we have to get out of it, not out of ideology but because it’s dangerous”, reaffirmed the Insoumis.

“If we win the election, we will have to roll up our sleeves, our whole system will be based on the impetus that fundamental research will give”, he continued, wishing for the training of “thousands of middle managers”. for its “ecological bifurcation”, “practical and without compromise”.

– The masked smell –

After the meetings by holograms which had succeeded in 2017, the candidate explained why he opted, this time, for an immersive meeting that some on the left see as a “gagdet”: “We had to show in wide angle” the program for a “harmony of humans among themselves and with nature”.

“I who am used to meetings of La France insoumise, it changes,” activist Gilles Pialland told AFP. “Certainly it had a show side, but everything that was projected was related to the speech and the program”. He regretted, however, that the olfactory dimension was below: “Apart from a few smells, it was difficult with the mask”.

This “brilliance to start the year” was also, according to Mr. Mélenchon, a way of turning to those who do not know “which way to turn”, while the left is scattered in six main candidacies and does not can compete in the polls with Emmanuel Macron and the rights.

The candidate again rejected the calls for union of the “Popular Primary”, the investiture vote which is held at the end of January: “We are not concerned by the misadventures of the center left, between the PRG of Taubira and the Parti socialist of Hidalgo”, he pinged, the day after the declaration of candidacy of the first – which he said “appreciate” on a personal basis.

Aware that he must appear to be unifying, Jean-Luc Mélenchon recorded the rallying of two elected officials from other parties on Sunday: Ali Rabeh, mayor of Trappes, close to Benoît Hamon and member of Generations – a movement which supports Yannick Jadot; and the PCF deputy Sébastien Jumel, in disagreement with the communist candidate Fabien Roussel.

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