In Baghdad, Macron calls for “not to lower your guard” against Daesh, “which remains a threat”

The attack at Kabul airport on Friday only serves as a reminder: Daesh is a threat in Central Asia and the Middle East, as in Europe. This is what French President Emmanuel Macron said alongside Iraqi Prime Minister Moustafa al-Kazimi, with whom he is participating this Saturday at midday, in Baghdad, in a summit with leaders of the Middle East. .

Emmanuel Macron thus calls for “not to lower your guard” against the jihadists of the Islamic State group because this formation remains “a threat”, especially in Iraq. “I know that the fight against these terrorist groups is a priority of your government”, continued Emmanuel Macron, addressing Moustafa al-Kazimi.

Iraq – where Daesh cells continue to carry out attacks four years after its military defeat – and France “are key partners in the war against terrorism”, replied the head of the Iraqi government. Paris provides Iraq with military support, especially air support, with an average of 600 men on site as part of the international coalition which continues to fight against Daesh.

Afghanistan in everyone’s mind

Emmanuel Macron is this Saturday “co-organizer”, with the Iraqi authorities, of a regional summit which brings together around them in Baghdad, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The French president must reiterate his determination to “contribute to stability and lower tensions in the region”, indicated the Elysee earlier.

If Afghanistan does not appear on the summit’s agenda, the situation in the country and the attack committed the day before in Kabul, claimed by Daesh, naturally reshuffle the cards. “We will not fail to raise the subject,” said an Elyos adviser to the Parisian a little earlier. The statements by the Iraqi Prime Minister and Emmanuel Macron are already setting the tone for this conference.

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