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In Boston, Malcolm Brogdon finds the DNA of the Bucks

by archyde

After three great years in Milwaukee from 2016 to 2019, in a formation on the rise, Malcolm Brogdon ended up in Indianapolis because the Bucks preferred not to match the Pacers’ offer of $85 million over four years at the end of his rookie contract.

The change in environment was clear, and if Malcolm Brogdon improved his stats, injuries and collective failures made his time at the Pacers inevitably frustrating. In any case, here is the Rookie of the Year 2017 with another candidate for the title, in Boston. Inevitably, he savors this return to the fore. For him, these 2022/23 version Celtics are even better equipped than the Bucks he left in 2019.

“It’s probably the most talented team I’ve played with. It’s a similar team to the Bucks in my third year in Milwaukee. But here, these guys are a bit further ahead when it comes to stars ready to shine at the highest level than we were in Milwaukee. That’s why it’s probably the most talented team I’ve played with.”, he explained.

Ready for all roles

Leaving Milwaukee because he wanted more responsibility and above all to return to the position of leader, when he was rather behind the Bucks, Malcolm Brogdon is in any case back in a more complete team, and he knows that he will have to adjust to a new role (sixth man). It’s not a problem for him.

“I am a guy who is not going to be the first or the second option, you just have to be ready to make sacrifices”he added. “I come from a team where I was the leading scorer, and the guys know that. They know what I can do, they know what I’ve done. So to come here and be able to sacrifice and deny shots to have a better shot and put these guys in place, that’s saying a lot.”

It’s probably also what prompted Boston to set its sights on a player like Malcolm Brogdon, with his ability to get the job done without pulling the cover, whether he’s starting, coming off the bench, to play different roles depending on the opponent. In short, the perfect Swiss army knife when coming off the bench.

“He fits in perfectly with the team,” Joe Mazzulla confided. “He is willing to do whatever it takes to win and has a good attitude. He brings great energy. And I think I could say that about all of them right now.”

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