In Brussels, the fate of the Josaphat wasteland is becoming clearer

The new version of the project adopted Thursday by the Brussels executive provides for more green spaces and less housing.

The saga around the fate to be reserved for the Schaerbeek waste land Josaphat, in the Brussels region, is not over since a second public inquiry will be launched as soon as the school year begins in September. After which it will be necessary to further amend the project. Nevertheless, it is an important step which was taken on Thursday. The Brussels government has in fact approved at first reading the new version of the Master Development Plan (PAD) bearing the name of this wasteland which has caused much ink to flow in recent weeks.

In short, the regional majority decided on Thursday to make a series of adjustments here and there in order to satisfy the partners around the table, socialists and environmentalists in the lead. Compared to the original version, the bis version of the plan thus provides for less housing to be built and more green spaces to be preserved.

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