In California, Republicans collect ballots with their own ballot boxes

The California Republican Party has set up mailboxes where voters can cast their ballots at its offices, at the campaign headquarters of some of its candidates, and in churches. A deceptive and illegal practice, according to state authorities.

Can a political party collect ballots itself? The answer doesn’t always seem obvious in California. On Monday, October 12, the attorney general and the director of the electoral services of the state of the west coast indeed had to send a letter to local officials of the Republican Party asking them to “Immediately stop using ballot collection containers identified as ‘official’ drop boxes”, report it Los Angeles Times.

According to the Guardian, a criminal investigation has been launched into these unauthorized ballot boxes, which the Republican Party has placed in Fresno, Los Angeles and Orange counties, including in party offices, at the campaign seats of some of its candidates and in churches.

“Ballot tampering is illegal, and anyone who knowingly engages in the tampering or misuse of the ballot


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