In Cameroon, France increasingly hated

#Other countries : The anti-French feeling is real everywhere in Africa. In Cameroon, citizens accuse their ex-colonizer of plundering the country without developing it. The majority welcomes the multiplication of partnerships for the emergence of Cameroon.

Africans are angered by the level of development of their continent in general, and by the level of development of the former colonies of France in particular. Many believe that since gaining their independence, these countries have only sunk into poverty despite the richness of their subsoil and the density of their forests, overexploited by France, which until a few years ago still held priority among the partners in these countries.

“When I look at Nigeria, South Africa, Angola and many others that were not colonized by France, I wonder what other countries like Chad, the Côte d Ivoire, the two Congos, the Central African Republic, Cameroon, etc. have done to God to be colonized by France since it spent its time plundering the wealth of these countries for the benefit of its population”, declares a Cameroonian met not far from the central post office of Yaoundé. For him, France is at the origin of the poverty in which the majority of African countries are bathed.

Another met in the Ngoa Ekellé district added that “everywhere France has gone, there is nothing concrete. She changes leaders as she pleases in the perspective that her installed puppets make her task easier. Where there is resistance, she organizes war and delivers arms which provide her with a lot of money”.

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Cameroonians are so upset against this colonial power that some do not hesitate to ask for its definitive departure from African territories. “All African presidents must follow the example of the president of Mali who said stop to France by driving French troops out of his territory and by stepping up actions against this country which only owes its existence to the riches of Africa” , says a lady.

Among these people, there are those who nevertheless believe that Africa is itself responsible for the mess it finds itself in because it has all the means possible to cope with all that keeps it in poverty. These people place the blame entirely on the Africans themselves who contribute to keeping the continent in underdevelopment. Moreover, the question of an African currency comes up insistently in all the interventions.

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