In Canada, a much criticized family reunification program

From October 13, and for three weeks only, Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be able to fill out a form to bring their parents and grandparents in as part of a sharply denounced lottery system.

Affirming that family reunification is “An important part of Canada’s immigration system”, the Minister of Immigration, Marco Mendicino, ad until November 3 Canadians and permanent residents who want to bring their parents and grandparents to Canada to settle there can fill out a form application. Please note: those interested only have three weeks, starting October 13, to complete the process.

Once these requests are received, rate the site Radio Canada International, the Department of Immigration “Will make a random selection by inviting 10000 people to submit sponsorship requests. They will have sixty days to do so. ”

Marco Mendicino justifies this way of doing things at the microphone of CBC News : We believe this is the fairest way to administer the reception [des demandes] and generate interest [des personnes intéressées].”

A system deemed unfair

Yet many people contacted by the Canadian broadcaster are highly critical of the fact “That the fate of family reunification rests on the drawing of lots”. Grace Sorenson confides that she will have “broken heart” if her 87-year-old Filipino mother, now without a family in her native country, is not chosen this time around, because, she says, it is increasingly difficult for her to come to Canada on a visa for single entry.

Vishnu Mohan and his wife have been trying to sponsor their Indian parents for years. “It is unfair”, Mr. Mohan says. “[Les autorités] should not leave [le hasard] decide the fate of the parents. ” A Canadian of South African descent, Lee-Anne Stuart, has been trying to bring her parents through this lottery system since 2016. If she had known that there would be no way her parents could join her, she might not have decided to emigrate to Canada.

Radio Canada International indicates that “People are pushing for the Immigration Department to adopt a system that increases an individual’s chances of being in the lottery based on the number of years they have expressed interest in sponsorship.”

The site of the CBC precise that 20,000 places are available in normal times but that the pandemic has delayed the process. In all, 30,000 places will be available in 2021.

Martin Gauthier


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