News In Carry-le-Rouet, returnees from Wuhan in China "released" after...

In Carry-le-Rouet, returnees from Wuhan in China “released” after their quarantine


Quarantined people leave Carry-le-Rouet, where they spent 14 isolated days on February 14. HECTOR RETAMAL / AFP

A little boy running in the arms of his grandparents, a hugging father and son, a couple kissing and bursting into tears. In the parking lot of the small port of Carry-le-Rouet, numerous reunions took place on Friday, February 14, at the rate of the return journeys of Red Cross vans, which were dropping down the French who fled the epidemic due coronavirus in the Wuhan vacation center where they had been confined for 14 days. Hugs moved, even if hampered by dozens of journalists and cameras. Before leaving for airports, stations or their relatives, the 181 people who were able to leave the seaside resort on Friday obtained a certificate of ” non-contagious.

On the tarmac, between cars registered from all over France, hoisting large suitcases in the car trunks, some were still wearing their health identification bracelet on their wrists. The attentions brought by loved ones to celebrate this reunion tell a little bit about the lives that returnees will resume: a Bas-Alpin came to get their work colleagues with a pack of Corona, a retiree brought back a lot of ” fresh vegetables “ for his partner, while a father made the trip while his wife prepared fried mussels at home.

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“They were good, we never worried. It was Club Med! “, say Sylviane and Etienne from Nîmes, while waiting for their son, an executive at Peugeot, as well as their daughter-in-law and their grandson. Eric, it is difficult to contain his emotion. He came to pick up his wife of Chinese origin and talks about a Half release “: Her in-laws are still in China. Joanne, his companion from Wuhan, went to celebrate Chinese New Year with his loved ones, and quickly found himself trapped in his mother’s apartment. She arrived by plane a fortnight ago, before also being placed in quarantine, a few kilometers from Eric who lives in Salon-de-Provence. She only asked him one thing: to spend this Valentine’s Day ” to walk in the mountains.

“Seeing friends and having great food”

If most rent ” an incredible human experience “, and keep thanking the Red Cross teams, they all tell reporters that they only want “ return to normal life “. Charles Germain, who left the center early in the morning, happy to have got rid of his mask, has only one desire: “vHave friends and have a good meal. This young Caledonian, in a relationship with a Chinese woman from Wuhan who has chosen to stay with his family, will live with a friend while waiting ” let things calm down “. Further on, in the parking lot, a pensioner, pipe in mouth, impatiently awaits his son, professor of geology in Wuhan. He recounts with a smile the very long conversations they had on Skype, ” to kill time. ”

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A fortnight of confinement forged ties. The farewells between the returnees and the teams look like the end of the summer camp. Before leaving, several confined people ask to be photographed with the men of the Red Cross. The gendarmes also pose, advise a couple separated for more than two months on the most beautiful beaches to see in the area before returning home, in Grenoble. The day before, the returnees prepared a ” show ” : a song on the tuneAline, from Christophe, for the teams who took care of them throughout the stay. None of the nationals have yet joined China. But an aperitif is planned between them next year for the Chinese New Year.


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