In CDMX there are hospitals completely filled by covid: López-Gatell

Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary of Health, highlighted that the majority of covid patients are not intubated, only 5 percent of covid patients are in this condition.


Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, acknowledged that in Mexico City there are “completely full hospitals” due to the covid-19 pandemic, for which he asked to spread the emergency contagion number 911, where the population can be guided and the population channeled to a hospital with reception capacity.

In a press conference, which was held virtually, due to the feminist protests that are registered in the center of Mexico City, specifically outside the National Palace, the Undersecretary of Health insisted that the hospital can be located at 911 closer and empty.

“In fact, this 911 number also works with the mechanism called the regulatory center for medical emergencies, which for the entire health sector, state hospitals, IMSS, ISSSTE, Pemex, etc., allow you to organize and guide your family to a friend about where the nearest hospital is, that it may be empty, that it may have a cloak and staff available ”, he commented.

“Please help us spread 911, if you have a covid emergency, 911, if you have any kind of medical emergency, please, this can help save a life,” he added.

López-Gatell reiterated the so-called population to go early to receive medical attention in case of identifying symptoms of covid.

“We have the opportunity to save lives, to the extent that people identify if they have the symptoms of covid, fever, cough, sore throat, headache and some others, but they also have those conditions that we call risk; 60 or more years of age, chronic diseases, please do not wait, go for a medical evaluation as soon as possible, on the first day from the onset of symptoms is desirable; there is much to do ”, he explained.

He highlighted that the majority of covid patients are not intubated, only 5 percent of people hospitalized for covid are intubated, “the rest are undergoing not so intensive treatment (…) because they arrived in good time to have a good response to the different elements of medical management, non-invasive oxygenation ”.



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