In Charente-Maritime, the oyster sector heavily impacted by the closure of restaurants

The oyster is a staple of the table for the Christmas dinner. But despite this status, its producers are experiencing difficulties due to the re-containment and the closure of restaurants.

In this workshop in Charente-Maritime, we are busy, but a little less than in previous years. “Normally at the present time, they are eight to work and sort. There for the moment, they are only four and we do not know where we are going, what it will give. The restaurants are obviously not going to reopen for the holidays, so it will mean a lot of sales volumes less “, worries Mathieu Mureau, oyster farmer.

Restaurants represent 25% of orders for his family business. So the prospect of reopening in January is not good news. To sell stocks, we will have to rely on supermarkets but also on direct sales: “The direct sale made by oyster farmers works rather very well on the French markets, considers Laurent Chiron, from the Huîtres Marennes Oléron quality group. We see an increase in sales, that’s pretty good. It may be a way to sell a little more production for some “.

In Charente-Maritime, the sector represents 4,500 direct jobs.

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