in Côte d’Or, only 56% of women are screened for breast cancer

The 28th edition of Pink October begins this Friday, October 1st. The operation highlights breast cancer screening. An important step: the earlier you do it, the better the chances of getting out of it. Over the past two years, only 56% of Côte d’Orian women have been tested.

Screening, decisive

Nine in ten women recover from breast cancer, when it’s caught on time“declares Doctor Vincent Dancourt, doctor at the Leclerc center in Dijon.”Screening is important because it saves lives“he continues.

The women concerned, who are between 50 and 74 years old, receive a letter encouraging them to go for a mammogram, a breast x-ray. “The advantage of this screening is that when the women receive their results and so do we, for a second review. It allows you to possibly identify lesions that have escaped the radiologist“explains Vincent Dancourt.

No need to wait for a medical examination; palpating your breasts can help

If I hadn’t self diagnosed, I don’t know what would have happened to me“confides Valérie Gagnepain. This 47-year-old Dijon woman is currently battling her second cancer. Diagnosed for the first time in 2010, the disease returned in 2020. “This time, I hadn’t felt anything, but as I was in follow-up, the doctors quickly detected him“she continues.

Same story with Sylvie Deccuper-Delorme. This 62 year old woman has a habit of feeling her breasts.Every night before I fall asleep, I do it. There are so many cases of cancer in my family, so unthinkable for me not to monitor“she explains.”If I hadn’t felt myself, I don’t think I would be here to tell you about it today“she concludes.

Psychological follow-up, an important step in care

The announcement of such news can be experienced as a real earthquake in the lives of patients.We tell you that you have cancer, it’s very violent“explains Rachel Dameron, head of the psychological center of the Leclerc center in Dijon.

The diagnostic phase can take a really long time; one can do exam after exam, and the patient waits. _It’s a huge source of stress_, and it sends her directly to her death, which becomes almost palpable“she continues.

There is also the issue of side effects during chemotherapy. “_Hair loss, but also body fatigue. Women have a hard time with these side effects: e_They no longer recognize their body, it’s hard to accept. We are there to support them“Rachel Dameron concludes.

Every year in France, 12,000 women die of breast cancer.

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