in Denmark, the mink crisis pushes the Minister of Agriculture to resign

The Social Democratic government ordered, on November 4, that 17 million mink be slaughtered to ward off a mutation of the Covid-19. The order was illegal and scientifically questionable. Mogens Jensen apologizes and announces that he is leaving his post on Wednesday.

Danish Agriculture Minister Mogens Jensen resigned on Wednesday, November 18 to defuse the mink crisis that has plagued his government since he ordered all mink in the kingdom to be slaughtered two weeks ago.

“The pressure was building on Mogens Jensen”, Explain Politico. On November 4, the minority Social Democratic government announced a plan to mass slaughter 17 million mink, raised for their fur. A decision taken without a legal basis, in the name of the precautionary principle in the pandemic crisis. The Minister of Agriculture feared “That a mutation of the coronavirus, passing from minks to humans, could compromise the effectiveness of a future vaccine”.

Since then, the legality of the slaughter order has been called into question, as well as the scientific validity of the maneuver.

Political crisis

Tuesday November 17, “The center-left government had succeeded in reaching an agreement with other parties on the creation of a retroactive legal basis”, continues Politico. But if the government “Belatedly obtained parliamentary support from other left-wing parties”, specify it Financial Times, the center-right opposition parties and the media have consistently put pressure on Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, accusing her “To hide behind Mogens Jensen”.

And “Mogens Jensen apologized again to the mink farmers”. In a press release published this Wednesday, he takes full responsibility for the mink crisis:

I would like to say that it is clear that my department made a mistake about the government’s announcement of the decision to kill all mink in Denmark. I have already said that I regret it. I apologize again and take responsibility for it. I particularly apologize to the many mink farmers. ”

On the scientific side, a researcher who has worked on the many variations of the coronavirus in mink explained in the New Scientist it was “Completely stupid” to believe that the future vaccine would be ineffective against new versions of the coronavirus due to a mutation.

From November 5, the Danish newspaper Politics pronostiquait what “The management of the mink crisis looks like a scandal which will cost Denmark very, very dearly”. This is already the case for his Minister of Agriculture.

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