in Dunkirk, prison sentences for lack of certification

Arrest, police custody, immediate appearance and, at the end of the day, a prison sentence. Tony W., a 22-year-old Dunkirk, had been checked Saturday November 14 for the fourth time by the police, without a valid derogatory travel certificate. Presented before a judge of the court of Dunkirk (North), he was sentenced as such to two months in prison with a committal warrant.

Known to the police, the young man, whose criminal record includes twelve convictions, especially for narcotics cases, had already served two previous sentences of six months each, which will lead him to stay a total of fourteen months at home stop.

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The story, used by the national police of the North to communicate on social networks, provoked many reactions. This is the second case in a few days in prison for non-compliance with confinement in the city: Hakim S., another 29-year-old Dunkirk, was arrested on November 12 after a fourth check for breach of confinement in a few days. He too was taken into custody the next day, following his appearance under the guilty plea procedure. He had already been sentenced to three months in prison during the first confinement, in April, for the same facts. This time he was sentenced to two months.

” An exception “

The violation of confinement is punishable by a fine of 135 euros, increased to 200 euros in the event of a repeat within fifteen days. After three offenses in the month, the fine increases to 3,750 euros and a six-month prison sentence is possible, but remains rare.

“The sentencing to a prison sentence is an exception which addresses the most complicated cases and the heaviest cases”, specify at World the prosecutor of Dunkirk, Sébastien Piève. In two weeks, five sentences were handed down by the city court for non-compliance with the confinement. “There have been two jail terms in recent days but the majority are community service”, nuance M. Piève. “We will have perhaps eight cases in total for this second wave of confinement against the double during the first confinement”, assures the prosecutor.

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The penal policy in terms of non-compliance with confinement measures is being tightened up with immediate judicial responses. The Dunkirk police services thus indicate that if there has been no increase in the frequency of checks, “After the teaching period, we are on a normal rhythm of verbalization”. The cases leading to legal treatment mainly took place at night, in collective housing quarters.

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