In Florida: Curious: weather service warns of “iguana rain” – panorama

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There are unusually cold temperatures in Florida right now. This also has an impact on the flora and fauna. As a result, strange incidents can occur, warns the weather service.

Iguanas can currently fall from trees in Florida due to the cold.

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Miami – For residents in southern Florida, there has been an animal-type weather warning for a change: You shouldn’t be surprised if you see frozen iguanas falling from trees, the Miami National Weather Service said. Because for Tuesday a temperature drop to -1 to 4 degrees is expected in the region. “Brrr!” Added the weather service appropriately.

The unusual cold numbs the scaled lizards, but does not necessarily mean their death. Thanks to rising temperatures, many should wake up on Wednesday.

Up to nine kilos in weight

Iguanas are not dangerous to humans, but they can damage embankments, sidewalks and foliage and dig long tunnels. Male specimens can be up to 1.50 meters long and weigh nine kilograms. Females usually lay almost 80 eggs per year, and the warm climate in southern Florida is ideal for the prehistoric-looking animals.

The US state allows iguanas to be kept as pets but is not protected by any law except a general ban on cruelty to animals. They have been around in southern Florida since the 1960s, but their number has increased dramatically in recent years. Iguanas are native to Central America, tropical areas in South America and some Caribbean islands.

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