In France, a lecturer qualifies some students as “quasi-morons”: “I fully assume”

Rififi at the UBO, the University of Western Brittany based in Brest. Last week, a student union got their hands on a vitriolic letter written by one of their lecturers in law, economics and management. In this letter, originally intended for certain members of the staff, the man uses very harsh words with regard to the university but also to its students. He denounces the leveling to the bottom caused by the “bet” plan set up at the university, by not going all the way.

He writes, among other things, that university is “not worth a rabbit fart”. What about the credibility of the university, he wonders, when it “amnesties many students who defrauded last year’s distance exams.” In his letter, the professor specifies having alerted the university on this subject, but he says to have collected only a disciplinary procedure against him “unlike the fraudulent students themselves: go understand”, he continues.

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