In France, a reconfinement that goes wrong

Tired of the restrictions, the French accept the second confinement much less easily and wonder about the government’s management of the crisis, observes the foreign press.

Since October 30, France is once again recluse at home. Announced to last at least until December 1, the objective of the second confinement is to reduce the number of new Covid-19 contaminations to 5,000 (against nearly 50,000 daily contaminations until very recently). For the French, it is the return to derogatory certificates, to deserted streets, to closed shops and to the fear of a new turn of the screw if the contamination figures do not follow. The atmosphere could not be more heavy in France, writes the Wall Street Journal.

“France is experiencing an autumn of suffering. The Covid-19 is filling hospitals across the country. Its churches and schools are haunted by Islamist terrorism. A combination that confronts the French Republic and its population with unusual difficulties. These are the lessons of the Enlightenment, from freedom of expression to the right to meet en masse, which animate daily life in France today. However, the pandemic has forced the French to confine themselves, condemning them to social isolation and economic uncertainty. ”

The re-containment comes as “The wear and tear of the pandemic”seized the citizens, and that “France is already going through one of the worst recessions in Europe”, remind him New York Times. “If the current containment is less strict than that, total, of the spring, it should nevertheless drag the economy into a further plunge.” Unsurprisingly, it is difficult to pass, first of all with traders who consider themselves victims of an injustice.

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Carolin Lohrenz

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