In Georgia, large police forces are arresting opposition leaders

The political crisis in Georgia has taken a new turn today – an opposition leader who is threatened with organizing violent protests has been pulled from his party’s office almost behind his feet, who is threatened nine years behind bars, TV3 News reports.

As the tear gas bubbled, police broke into the office of the United National Movement this morning. It was lined with supporters and members of the party, including opposition leader Nick Melija.

Nick Melia, leader of the United National Movement

“They cannot forbid freedom-loving Georgian citizens to protest. They must not violate our independence, as happened in 2019. This is the end, this is the end of the regime. They will not remain in power through the use of such special units. “

Nick Melia, leader of the United National Movement, was removed from office by police.

In his latest statement, he talks about the events of 2019 in Tbilisi, when protests by opposition parties were sparked by a visit by a delegation of Russian parliamentarians. A representative of the Russian State Duma delegation took over the chairmanship of the meeting on religious and political issues in the Georgian Parliament. This was perceived in many places as a threat to national sovereignty.

At that time, thousands of people protested against the government, and there were also riots. Melia is now accused of organizing the events and is facing a prison for almost a decade.

After what happened at the government buildings, large-scale protests were organized again today.

Salome Samadashvili, spokeswoman for the United National Movement

“Georgia is a pro-European country. People want us to join the European Union and NATO. Despite many warnings, the Georgian government has taken another path: arresting political opponents. “

Members of the opposition leader’s party blame the ongoing oligarchs in the country, namely billionaire Bidzin Ivanishvili, who is the founder of the ruling party’s Dream of Georgia.

“We will fight and Ivanishvili will be punished. We never give up, we love freedom and our lives! ” expressed opposition Gigi Ugulava.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Elena Hoštaria said that in any democracy, it would be a very dramatic situation for so many police to break into the main opposition party building and arrest the party and all opposition leaders completely illegally.

Melia’s arrest follows just a few hours after parliament approved former defense minister Iraklia Garibshvili as the new prime minister.

Former Prime Minister Giorgi Gahariy resigned less than a week ago when he himself tried to support Melia’s arrest, but this provoked a great backlash from the opposition. At its approval meeting, the new prime minister rejected the possibility of a new election.

“We categorically rule out any possibility of early elections. This case is closed. It is not discussed. The opposition does not want elections, fair or democratic. They simply want to change the government violently, “said Georgian Prime Minister Heraklion Garibashvili.

It should be recalled that the Georgian opposition parties have refused to attend parliamentary sittings since October, stressing that the elections were stolen.

The European Union has condemned the events of this morning in Tbilisi. The ambassadors and foreign ministers of the United States, Great Britain and the Baltic States also called them alarming.


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