In Germany, Putin’s friends are busy on the shores of the Baltic

REPORT – The Navalny affair has repercussions on the pharaonic Nord Stream gas pipeline project, a pillar of Russian-German economic cooperation.

Special Envoy to Sassnitz and Wisma

Behind the highly secure fences of the port of Mukran, stack some seventeen thousand concrete cylinders forming the backbone of a gas pipeline. At sea, we can make out the motionless silhouettes of three industrial ships, but an essential part is missing from this inert setting. Instead of unrolling its tubes in the Baltic seabed, theAcademic Tchersky remains moored 190 nautical miles further west, in the port of Wismar. This Russian-flagged boat is responsible for laying the last 150 kilometers of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. But its mission is hampered by the application of US sanctions intended to curb Russian gas exports to Europe. Worse, under the pressure of recent images of Russian police bludgeoning pro-Navalny protesters, the mega project, pillar of Russian-German economic cooperation, is questioned by France and part of the EU.

In Germany, where the Berlin Charité Hospital

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