In Germany, the blues of supporters after the resumption of football

During the closed match between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich at the Dortmund stadium on Tuesday 26 May. Federico Gambarini / AP

Here we are in front of the biggest stadium in Germany, for the match at the top of the championship … and we could almost hear a ball bouncing. This Tuesday, May 26, short victory for Bayern Munich (1-0) on the field of Borussia Dortmund (BVB). And a large defeat for all the supporters, who deplore their sidelining since the resumption of the Bundesliga behind closed doors: already three days of championship contested without them in ten days, to make up for the two months of interruption due to the Covid -19.

“Rather than these closed-door games, I would have preferred the season to just end. Just like in France, ”says Tobias

“As if the football bureaucrats had excluded us from the party”sums up Tobias, in his forties. Profession: site manager. Passion in life: supporter of Bayern, to the point of swallowing a dozen hours of return car just to live the match “locked up” outside. “Rather than these closed-door games, I would have preferred the season to just end. Like in France. “

Outside the compound, barely fifty people at the start of the evening. Some sitting on the ground, in the sun. Security guards to monitor closed doors. A man to listen to the match on the radio. Journalists to watch him do it. From time to time, cyclists or runners passing by. Then three police cars, at the end of the match: control of the identity papers for thirteen Munichers, yet well spaced from each other. “Will you keep our data? “asks Tobias, who rightly didn’t want his last name to appear in an article. Everyone gets away with no fines. In public places, the government in principle allows meetings of up to ten people, or two families. The distancing rule against the coronavirus, extended the same day, applies at least until the end of June.

“The main reason is money”

A kilometer away, if they plan to watch the game on one of the five television screens, Mit Schmackes customers must first pick up a form and a pen. Information to be completed: table number, telephone number, postal address and, above all, state of health. You must sign after a declaration on your honor: “I assure you that I have no symptoms of Covid-19 and that I have not been quarantined. “ Next to the menu and a sign announcing “the escalope of the month”, plastic cards indicate the instructions prescribed at the regional level of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia: obligation to wear a mask until to sit down, or to respect a distance of 1.50 m between the tables.

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