in Greece, the second wave panics the authorities

“I can’t do it! “ Fotini, mother of three children, does and remakes her accounts. Last week, she had, in a disaster, to run to buy a tablet so that her daughter, in eighth grade, could take classes online. And Monday, patatras, she must get another for the youngest, in primary. “Each time, they announce new measures at the end of the week. we don’t have time to organize ”, storm this teacher.

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The conservative Greek government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis caught everyone by surprise on Saturday November 14 by announcing the closure of primary schools and nurseries in Greece, a week after that of middle and high schools, in an attempt to fight against the second wave of Covid-19. “There will be five of us working at home, dreaded Fotini. And the 4-year-old will be supposed to take lessons on educational television alone, since we all work. “

The education ministry’s promise last year to give computers to students fell on deaf ears, and the distance education system is operating in a chaotic fashion. “What will happen to the students who cannot afford a tablet or even Internet units to take lessons on their phones? “, worries Thekla, teacher. Like Fotini, she denounces the carelessness of the authorities.

The concern to spare the communion of the Orthodox

The Mitsotakis government, whose good management of the health crisis in the spring – less than a hundred dead – had been hailed, including in the opposition, seems this fall panicked by the resurgence of the pandemic. It is true that the number of deaths, very low for a long time, now exceeds 1,100, and more than 3,000 new cases are diagnosed every day in the country whose 1,100 intensive care beds are almost all occupied.

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On November 11, the authorities assured that Athens would not be confined. The next day, he decreed the confinement of the whole country, and a curfew first set at 12:30 a.m., then at 9 p.m. On November 13, doctors demonstrated for more resources, accusing the government of having opened the country to tourism in June, while neglecting preparations for the second wave.

Today, bars, theaters, cinemas and restaurants have closed, gatherings of more than four are prohibited, such as family reunions of more than six, while the exit authorization procedures have been tightened: it is necessary to report his displacement by text, and wait for the green light – quickly given by return – from the authorities.

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In case of non-compliance, a fine of € 300 is foreseen. But the government was slow to ban communion which, among the Orthodox, is practiced by sharing, with the same spoon, bread soaked in blessed wine. And the Greeks are no longer as disciplined as in the spring.

The Greeks are reluctant to respect the prohibitions

The compensation of 800 € promised to employees whose company has closed has melted to less than 700 €. The unemployed, for their part, come up against the administration’s Internet failures to extend their rights. “I went to the OAED (the Greek equivalent of Pôle emploi, NDLR), and I was told that only emergencies were insured, is tormented Dominique, unemployed 62 years. The fact that I remain without resources is not an emergency. “


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