In Guadeloupe, faced with the vaccine, the slow awareness

The time for an injection,14-year-old Evan has become a star. On Monday 23 August, at the airport vaccine park and under the lens of the cameras invited for the occasion, he was the 100,000th Guadeloupe to receive a first injection. A symbolic threshold, which confirms a “Encouraging trend” according to the authorities: “We have noticed a resurgence in vaccination, we can even say a jump in vaccination for a month”, thus indicated to the press Tony Jerpan, referring colonel doctor of the vaccination campaign.

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On the curves published by the Regional Health Agency, the acceleration is visible: approximately 25,000 doses were distributed between July 20 and August 23. Previously, it took an average of two months to grant as many (as an indication: 19,000 doses from January 8 to March 22, 30,000 from March 22 to May 25, 25,000 from May 25 to July 20).

Reality shock

Doctor Tony Jerpan mentions a “Permanent affluence” to the vaccinodrome, especially for a fortnight and the sudden deterioration of the situation in Guadeloupe. In two weeks, the number of visits to the emergency room has increased, reaching 336 the week of August 16 to 22, including 51 new admissions to intensive care.

Despite the 406 beds created to date, hospital services are saturated, patients must be sorted and are no longer intubated over the age of 60. Public Health France reports“An excess of mortality” since August 2: 115 deaths have been recorded on August 22.

“We come to a situation where every Guadeloupean knows someone hospitalized, if not dead, because of the coronavirus”, comments Bruno Jarrige, director of the crisis unit at Pointe-à-Pitre University Hospital. What cause a “Awareness”, according to Dr. Tony Jerpan: “People tell themselves that they don’t have a choice anymore even if they have hesitated for a while. It is time for them to be vaccinated to protect themselves, protect others and also relieve the hospital system which is really strained at the moment ”, he analyzes.

The change of tone of the unions

New voices are also rising in favor of the vaccine. The unions, hitherto suspicious and silent, qualify their speeches. The Kolèktif pou sové la Gwadloup (KSG) went so far as to encourage the mass vaccination of Guadeloupeans on Sunday, August 22. The Popular Union for the Liberation of Guadeloupe (UPLG), a fervent opponent of compulsory vaccination, has called on its members to “See reality” : “The health situation is serious, very serious”, would have declared the secretary general, according to the daily France West Indies.

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But despite these advances, the task promises to be colossal, given the delay. Guadeloupeans are 35.43% vaccinated with at least one injection, against more than 70% for France. And even if the vaccination campaign is still accelerating, “It’s too late to stem the fourth wave”, cherish Bruno Jarrige : “Now what is at stake is the avoidance of such a catastrophic fifth wave”, concludes the doctor.


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