in Humera, taken over by the central power, the Tigrayan population has vanished

REPORT – Our special correspondent was able to visit this city heavily damaged by recent fighting, which is now controlled by federal army auxiliaries.

In Humera, the scars of war are everywhere. The impacts of artillery fire riddled many houses with pastel colors or walls of sheet metal. The uniforms and tattered clothes on the side of the roads bear witness to the violence of the fighting which allowed the federal army to retake the city on November 12. Considered under control since the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (FLPT) was routed, it is one of only two parts of the northern region where the international press has recently been allowed to enter.

Figaro infographic

The federal army, which the government of Abiy Ahmed ordered on November 4 to “restore order” in Tigray, is now invisible. But the many police and militiamen who came from the neighboring Amhara region to lend a hand remained behind. Recalling that this area located in the far north-west of the country was forcibly occupied by the FLPT when it took power in the country in 1991,

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