Entertainment in Hungary, spectators in solidarity with the artists, waive...

in Hungary, spectators in solidarity with the artists, waive the reimbursement of their seats


The proposal of a Hungarian met this Thursday March 12 an unexpected echo with Internet users. To support cultural circles, he urged his fellow citizens to renounce the reimbursement of seats for shows canceled due to the epidemic of new coronavirus.

I have six theater seats and four concert seats for the next few weeks, wrote on Facebook Peter Szantai. I will not ask to be reimbursed and I hope that it will help the artists, the room managers and the people who put on the showsAdded this Budapest resident. His hashtag #nevaltsvisszajegyet (do not resend your tickets) has since been shared by almost 2000 users.

Like many countries affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, Hungary has banned confined public demonstrations for more than 100 people and open-air events for more than 500 people, a decision that has resulted in brutal deprogramming of ‘a large part of the cultural offer.

The environment is already in trouble“Recalls Mr. Szantai who himself worked in concert production. ” Ticketing is an important source of income“, he added. Professionals in the sector are brainwashing themselves to continue to exercise their activity, without violating health orders.

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In Austria, where the performance gauge has also been reduced to one hundred spectators, a jazz club offers an original alternative: separate spectators into two groups, one attending the first part of the concert before leaving its place to the spectators of the second group. “We will try to play like this every night if possible“Wrote Christoph Huber, artistic director of the Porgy & Bess room, on the establishment’s website.

This type of initiative will not, however, save the stakes of the cultural sector in Austria, whose representatives have already alerted the government to the risk to their “survival” represented by the cascading cancellations. “Postponements will have as serious an impact as cancellations because they block subsequent dates and cause a chain reaction, wrote the film, music, book and performing arts professionals to the authorities, asking “appropriate compensation and prompt support



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