In Illinois: man dies of rabies after bat bite

Dramatic incident in the US state of Illinois: In August, an 80-year-old man was bitten in the neck by a bat and died a few weeks later. The bat was caught and rabies was detected a short time later, reports “CBS News“.

One month after the bite, the first symptoms of rabies set in in the 80-year-old. He suffered from neck pain, headaches and numbness in his fingers.

He also had difficulty controlling his arms and speaking. A short time later, the man died as a result of rabies.

Man dies after bat bite: act quickly in the case of rabies

Contact persons of the deceased were immediately treated with preventive agents against rabies. But any help was too late for the man.

“Rabies has the highest mortality rate of any disease,” says Dr. Ngozi Ezike, chief health officer in Illinois. “There are drugs that can save lives. But you have to act quickly.” No human case of rabies had occurred in Illinois since 1954.

Rabies in humans is rare, with only about one to three cases reported each year. The central nervous system is attacked and it can lead to brain death.

Bats are the most common animal affected by rabies in Illinois. A colony was found near the late man’s house.

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