IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. China froze for a few minutes to pay homage to its Covid-19 dead

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This tribute coincides with the Chinese equivalent of All Saints’ Day, the date on which the Chinese will flower the graves of their loved ones.

Solemn meditation, flags at half mast, canceled entertainment: China observes, Saturday April 4, a day of national mourning in tribute to the more than 3,300 people who died from Covid-19 in the most populous country in the world. At 10 am (local time), the sirens sounded throughout the territory for three minutes, while the cars, trains and boats sounded their horns as a sign of respect.

President Xi Jinping has gathered with the other main Communist leaders in the vast Beijing complex that houses the seat of power, according to images from national television CCTV.

Doubts on the balance sheet

Authorities reported in December the appearance of a new, unknown virus in Wuhan. But scientists did not immediately take the measure of its dangerousness and its capacity to be transmitted between humans. Despite the confinement imposed from the end of January on 50 million inhabitants of central China, the epidemic, which had then only caused a dozen deaths, has since become a pandemic which has killed nearly 60,000 people in the world.

The latest assessment of the new coronavirus in China is 81,639 contaminations, including 3,326 fatal. If the epidemic is now brought to a halt in the country, with only a few new cases announced every day, almost all due to people coming from abroad, more and more voices are raised to question the number of victims of the virus in the country.


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