IN IMAGES – Up to 60 cm of hail in the streets: the Vosges mountains hit by a violent storm

Firefighters and law enforcement call for caution. A very violent hailstorm hit the Vosges department at midday on Tuesday, where several dozen centimeters of hailstones fell locally, forcing the removal of snow shovels and snow plows in the middle of June.

The storm arrived in the middle of the morning by the south of the department while passing “by the Val d’Ajol and Plombières-les-Bains, to go up towards Remiremont and Bruyères”, indicated to AFP Romain Munier, in charge of the communication to the departmental fire department. In Plombières, “there was up to 60 centimeters of cumulative hail” while in the Bruyères sector, “up to 10 millimeters of cumulative water in six minutes” fell, he added.

In the village of Tendon, a chalet, visibly struck by lightning, was completely “destroyed”, he added.

“Stormy episode in progress on the #vosges. Strong thunderstorms with hailstorms are locally observed, accumulations of 10 to 20 mm of rain are expected and gusts of wind can range from 60 to 80 km / h”, tweeted in the morning the prefecture of the Vosges, according to which “the phenomenon should fade around 15 / 16h”.

54 departments in thunderstorm yellow vigilance

On social networks, Internet users have posted images of people with snow shovels or snowplows clearing the RN57.

The stormy episode calmed down as it moved north, but since then, “we have been working on a series of interventions” in the most affected area, with about fifty already carried out and about thirty pending, said Mr. Munier at the beginning of the post. -midday. The main interventions took place for “draining” of cellars or ground floor, he said, also evoking the fall of tiles or trees on the roads.

“The operational event will continue throughout the day (…) it’s very impressive,” he added.

On Twitter, Enedis Lorraine indicated that a “20,000 volt line” had been affected by the storm. “Difficult access because of falling trees and hailstones,” Enedis added, without mentioning potential households without electricity.

Météo France has placed the entire northeast of the country, or 54 departments, on vigilance with yellow thunderstorms.

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