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In Indonesia, women ask for “zakât” to come to the aid of victims of violence

Muslim feminist activists advocate to encourage the payment of the annual alms prescribed by Islam, the zakât, victims of sexual violence and the organizations that defend them. An avant-garde interpretation which is emulated, observes the Indonesian press.

Indonesian newspaper Compass reports the new proposals developed during a webinar organized on November 28 by several Muslim organizations for the defense of women’s rights and the fight against sexual violence around new interpretations of the zakât.

This is the alms or tax that every Muslim must pay each year, usually during the month of Ramadan: “We must encourage institutions empowered to pronounce fatwas, such as the Muhammadiyah [la deuxième plus grande organisation musulmane d’Indonésie, qui compte plus de 50 millions de membres] and the MUI [le très conservateur Conseil des oulémas indonésien] to prescribe the zakât for victims of violence ”, Muhammadiyah Student Association President Mizan Al-Araaf said at the opening of the webinar.



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