In Italy, death of horse leading tourists under 36 degrees sparks outrage

The Royal Palace of Caserta is one of the most emblematic monuments of the Neapolitan region. But on this scorching Wednesday August 12, it is not for the beauty of its architecture or its gardens that the “Italian VersaillesHas been talked about.

Around 1 p.m., when the mercury displayed the temperature of 36 degrees in the alleys of the park, a horse harnessed to a carriage carrying tourists collapsed. The animal would have succumbed to fatigue and heat, according to direct witnesses of the scene.

It was the management of the Royal Palace of Caserta who announced the sad news in a press release posted on Facebook : «This morning one of the horses in the carriage service, managed under concession by the TNT company, died. The competent bodies are currently carrying out all the checks that the case requires. Management expresses deep regret for what happened».

A case of animal abuse that turned into a state affair. MP Michela Vittoria Brambilla (center right), former minister of Silvio Berlusconi and president of the National League for the Defense of Animals, quoted by the Italian daily The Republic denounced “a national disgrace“. Environmental deputy Francesco Borrelli (Europa Verde) announced that his party was going to file a complaint against the owner of the carriage.

Towards a ban on horse-drawn carriages?

Another complaint will be lodged by the National Animal Protection Authority (Enpa) which has indicated that it wants to abolish this activity in a press release relayed by The Republic. «The National Animal Protection Authority, which has always been committed to countering this insane trade in slaved horses, will do whatever is necessary through its law firm to ensure that the perpetrators of this massacre pay for their actions.»

The vice-president of this organization, Massimo Pigoni, hammered the point home in a note: “It is absurd that nowadays, animals are still used for these purposes, activities which are no longer acceptable even in the light of scientific and ethological knowledge (science of animal behavior in their natural environments Editor’s note) now accredited, which demonstrate without the shadow of a doubt that animals suffer and suffer exactly like us. The Enpa will lead this battle for civilization with all available means. In a civilized country, horse drawn carriages should disappear immediately and forever.»

To shed light on this case, the Santa Maria Capua Vetere public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation which is for the moment suspended from the results of the autopsy of the horse. According to the first results, the latter was about ten years old and in good health. Other investigations carried out jointly by the state police and the municipal police of Caserta revealed that the horse belonged to a stable in Caserta. It seems so far that he has been treated well, according to information obtained by the Italian media.

On the other hand, doubts are starting to emerge about the horse transport company that operates the park. The municipal police of the city of Capua in fact discovered that the deceased horse was not authorized to work for this company. To be continued.


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