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in Kabul, evacuations continue amid chaos

STORY – At the airport, the only place in Kabul that the Taliban does not control, evacuations are slow and the embassies overwhelmed.

Since the Taliban took the Afghan capital, all commercial flights have been stopped, giving way to the laborious ballet of evacuations. According to a NATO official quoted by the Reuters news agency, some 18,000 people have flown to various countries: foreigners but also Afghans, sometimes with visas or appearing on lists of people whose evacuation has been validated, for example by an embassy.

Some have no travel documents, but hope to board a military or civilian plane. This is the case of Taher (whose name was changed at his request), who, after hours of waiting, finally made it to the terminal. “We are saved!”, this father, a former interpreter for the American army, wrote on WhatsApp on Friday afternoon. With his wife and their 3-year-old daughter, he even managed to find seats on a US Air Force flight that will land in Qatar.

Many others are still waiting outside in the compound

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