In Kharkiv, the school held a lesson in fascism, the director was dismissed

In Kharkiv on Wednesday, March 3, a lesson of patriotism was held at gymnasium No. 43 on the Saltovskoe highway, which allegedly grew into a “lesson in fascism.”

Activists of the right-wing radical organization “Freikor” on their Facebook page were accused by the secretary of the Kharkiv City Council Igor Terekhov… He posted a screenshot of the entry from Telegram channel “Freikor”, however, it was removed from there.

The organization itself called the event for grades 8-10 “a lesson in courage.” The children were told about the war in Donbass and showed them the weapons and ammunition of the military.

Terekhov noted that he supports patriotic education, but against the “lessons of fascism.” He added that now not only the Kharkiv City Council is out of politics, but the whole city.

“For those who do not know: these guys take their name from the German Freikorps. There was such a radical patriotic organization in Germany, which, after its dissolution, supplied the NSDAP with cadres. Simply – the Nazis … Children should not be a bargaining chip in political games “, – wrote the acting. the mayor of Kharkov.

The headmaster of school No. 43 was temporarily suspended from work, an internal investigation is underway.

“Frycor” reacted on Terekhov’s statement and accusations of Nazism. The organization noted that they have been engaged in the patriotic education of the youth of Kharkov for more than three years, which was not opposed by either the leadership of educational institutions, nor the children, nor their parents. In addition, “Freikor” is a member of the coordinating council on issues of national-patriotic education at the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

“The accusations of Nazi propaganda from Terekhov are quite serious and unfounded, and we would be glad to hear specific facts. Where Igor Terekhov saw Nazism. We hope that Mr. Terekhov was misinformed about the activities of our organization and in the future will not oppose patriotic education in schools and will stop reprisals against the headmaster, “the organization said.

As reported OBOZREVATEL, in Chernihiv, an employee of the lyceum hit a 17-year-old student of the institutionAs a result, the guy ended up in the hospital and needed an operation.

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