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In Lisbon, we paint streets in blue

A first artery in the Portuguese capital has been covered in blue, and two others are in the process of being so, in order to signal their closure to traffic, reports Public.

Difficult to miss. In recent days, the rue des Bacalhoeiros, a small street in the Baixa district, in the heart of Lisbon, shines in a new light: its tar has been completely repainted in blue. The same azure refreshment will soon be visible in two other arteries of the historic center, Nova da Trindade and João das Regras streets, reports Public.

The daily newspaper immediately dissipates the mystery of the blue streets of Lisbon. They are in addition to the famous “pink street”, the rue Nova do Carvalho, the festive mecca of the Portuguese capital: their brightly colored coating indicates that they are now reserved for pedestrians. And that traders can take it to install their terraces up to 23 hours maximum. A boost from the town hall to attract passers-by in these difficult times of pandemic. “The street is yours”, we read at the entrance to Bacalhoeiros Street.

“Avalanche of criticism on social networks”

Public specifies that as part of this “deconfinement measure”, which “An avalanche of criticism on social networks” (in particular linked to the choice of color), other initiatives of this kind should take place in around a hundred Lisbon places, in order to“Enlarge sidewalks and terraces”.

The blue arteries will remain closed to traffic until December 31. Elected officials will then take stock, to find out if they leave them permanently pedestrian. If this is the case, the three arteries will be paved. The start of a larger-scale revolution: the town hall of Lisbon, the green capital of Europe in 2020, recently presented a mega-pedestrianization plan in historic districts in the coming years, in order to reduce pollution.


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