in Loire-Atlantique, contaminations are on the rise, the mask is coming back

After weeks of significant decline, Covid-19 contaminations are on the rise in Loire-Atlantique in recent days. The departmental incidence rate has thus risen above the alert threshold of 50 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants and now reaches 67 per 100,000 inhabitants. A development which is mainly explained by an increase in transmission in people over 65 years of age who have not received a third dose of the vaccine. To counter this trend, which, for the moment, does not overwhelm hospitals,
the regional health agency (ARS) recommends to impose the wearing of the mask in open and closed public places.

The prefect of Loire-Atlantique Didier Martin does not want to go that far yet, but he has just take ordersAgain requiring the mask to be worn in places subject to the health pass of approximately
70 towns in the department whose incidence rate is higher than the others. The municipalities in the Pornic and Sainte-Pazanne sectors, those in the Machecoul and Corcoué-sur-Logne sectors, those in the Châteaubriant-Derval sector and, finally, those around Ancenis are concerned.

The health pass no longer dispenses with the mask

In these territories, the mask is now necessary to access concert halls, meeting rooms, game rooms, sports arenas, cinemas, museums, libraries, fairs and other places of worship… The mask, which was no longer compulsory in these places since the beginning of October, is also again taxed for trips inside bars and restaurants. The agglomerations of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire are, for the moment, spared.

If the incidence rate does not come down quickly, it is also likely that the mask will be required again, at the end of the school holidays, in elementary schools in the department.

The outdoor mask, it depends on where

As a reminder, the mask is not compulsory in the open air in Loire-Atlantique, with the exception of public spaces with a high concentration of people (events, markets, queues, busy pedestrian streets, etc.).

Finally, taking into account the health situation, but also because of “risks of disturbances to public order”, the prefect also decided to ban until November 15 the festive gatherings of a musical nature and the transport of equipment. its by trucks.

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