In Los Angeles, the Californian dream overwhelmed by the homeless

REPORTAGE – Despite the efforts of the authorities, the number of “homeless” who camp on the sidewalks of the city continues to increase. Resulting in nuisances that even the “coolest” residents of Venice, a trendy locality on the edge of the Pacific, find it difficult to bear.

Los Angeles County Sanitation Services just cleaned up the 3e Rue de Venice, the legendary coastal suburb famous for its canals, bodybuilders, hippies, and counter-culture. “Can’t you see it’s clean?”, asks Jacqueline Kim, a volunteer artist with a holey sweater who devotes her free time to the homeless. If we stick to the sidewalks, yes. Within two hours, they were cleared of their tents, piles of garbage, carcasses of bicycles, filthy mattresses, and then sprayed with high pressure. The pavement is another story. It continues to be strewn with rubbish until the corner of Avenue Rose and its trendy restaurant whose terrace, now located in the parking lot due to the pandemic, is camouflaged by a fence shrouded in vegetation. In this way, the two populations of Venice, the rich and the poor, do not have to scrutinize each other when one enjoys his quinoa-beet-arugula salad, while the other

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