In Mali, questions about a deadly strike

On Sunday, around twenty people gathered for a wedding perished in Bounti. Operation Barkhane is defending itself from a blunder.

What happened on Sunday at Bounti? For two days, social networks have been panicking at the story of an airstrike that would have cost the lives of twenty people, gathered for a wedding in this village in central Mali. A blunder of operation “Barkhane”, active in this area between Mopti and Hombori, where the presence of jihadist groups is proven? History is already a textbook case of the challenges of military communication and / or information warfare.

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The alert first came from an association for the defense of Fulani culture, Tabital Pulakuu. Testimonies then collected by Agence France-Presse reported a helicopter attack. More than twenty people were killed, including children, mentioned the Reuters agency citing, anonymously, a source “medical”. The drama seems real. Messages of indignation against the French army quickly multiplied. Side

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