In Manu’s Phone: We love Ms. Jackson from Outkast!

For his second season, Manu Payet accompanies you every morning on Virgin Radio! An event not to be missed every morning from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and in which you can find all the moments you adore. Whether it’s the Ginger Story, Bienvenue chez Clément or the Virgin Tonic Games, it’s impossible to be bored for this awakening placed under the sign of humor and good humor. Another event that has already become unmissable: In Manu’s phone. You do not yet know the principle? It’s very simple. Every morning, Manu Payet presents an iconic title that he adores. After its broadcast on our airwaves, you can find some information on this song directly from our site!

Obviously, when we think of Outkast, we think of Hey Ya! However, there is another title (and even more) that marked the career of the American hip-hop group. And it is, of course, the tube Ms. Jackson. With more than 500 million plays on Spotify, this song remains a sure bet for the duo from Atlanta, Georgia. It appears on the album Stankonia, unveiled in 2000 and would be a dedication by André 3000 to his companion, Erykah Badu, with whom he had just broken up, after the birth of their son Steven.


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