In “Mask Singer”, Laure Manaudou and Frédérique Bel unmasked


In “Mask Singer” season 2, the jury managed to recognize these first two stars eliminated.

MASK SINGER SEASON 2 – Laure Manaudou takes the news with philosophy: “I tell myself that people know me and still remember my voice, so it’s flattering”. The 34-year-old swimmer, a three-time Olympic champion, was the first celebrity eliminated on Saturday (October 17) from the season 2 of “Mask Singer” on TF1.

The sportswoman was hiding under the Wolf costume, a reference to her son’s first name. Alongside the Skeleton, the Spider or the Dragon, she had to hide her identity as long as possible by singing in front of the jury made up of Kev Adams, Alessandra Sublet, Anggun and Jarry.

The latter quickly followed the trail of Laure Manaudou, from the broadcast of his portrait in which it was about a “cap” (like the swimming cap), a “helmet” (like that of sports commentator) and her “physique which made her famous”. Her intuition was confirmed when the swimmer interpreted “Yes or no” from Angela.

“I know who it is. It’s Laure Manaudou, ”Jarry told his colleagues on the jury, from the first minutes of the song. “It’s totally Laure Manaudou!”, Replied Kev Adams.

All the members of the jury were finally convinced that Laure Manaudou was hiding well behind the mask of the Wolf when the swimmer took it off after losing her singing duel against the Skeleton. The three-time world champion, who overcame her shyness by going on stage, had kept her participation a secret from her husband, the singer Jérémy Frérot, and his children.

Frédérique Bel recognized at the last moment

For this first show of the season, two celebrities were exceptionally to be eliminated, after several votes from the public and the jury who must choose their favorite performances. The second part of the program was therefore marked by the departure of a second star, hidden under the costume of the Mouth. And the investigation was more complicated in the face of this personality …

After the release of his portrait and his interpretation of “Fuck You” by Lily Allen, the jury followed the trail of humor. Michèle Laroque, Valérie Lemercier, Axelle Laffont, Julie Ferrier were mentioned … before Kev Adams made a last proposal. While the Mouth was going to take off his mask, after being eliminated against the Vixen, the actor mentioned Frédérique Bel, “which corresponds to a lot of clues that we have seen”.

She was finally the actress of “La minute blonde”, “What did we do to the good god?” or the “H24” series which was hidden under the incredible costume of the Mouth. “It was good but it was short”, she reacted with humor at the time of her elimination.

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